The Lotus Effect

Your hosts Pheonix and PhoneBoy talk about health, happiness, and the pursuit of a higher consciousness.

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106 - Red Dye 33


Your favorite petalheads talk about breathing, exercise, Ozempic and Mounjaro news, stupid AI tricks, cheese, gingers are normal, holy herb and high-tech hijinks.

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FTAM 5 - Volker Eckert


Volker Eckert was a German serial killer who killed six women in East Germany, France and Spain, between 1974 and 2006.

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105 - Apple Regret


Your favorite petalheads discuss exercise, metabolically healthy obesity, vegan marketing, health care in rural towns, breathing, and the latest in health, happiness, and high-tech hijinks.

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104 - Never A Straight Answer


Your favorite petalheads discuss pharma, dark tea, another poor-man's Ozempic, the latest in happiness, higher consciousness, and hi-tech hinjks.

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103 - Goatus Effect


Your favorite petalheads discuss Blue Zones, Ginger, Forgetting Words, Peanut Allergies, Ozempic, Banana Spiders, Plastics and Autism, Regrowing Teeth, Allergies, Happiness, Higher Consciousness, and High Tech Horseshit

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102 - iPhone Strippers


Your favorite petalheads discuss MAFLD, the establishment discouraging ancestral eating, what not to eat on Ozepmic, happiness stories, some toast and jam, football shenanigans, smartphones on wheels, and smartphones are...boring!

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101 - Goat Self


Your favorite petalheads discuss kids being fed drugs, what's not in your toothpaste, cheap "Ozempic", sleep, keeping gender identity from parents, happiness, higher consciousness, and a whole lot of toast and jam.

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100 - Two Nuts In Love


Your favorite petalheads talk to Laurien and Spencer about the origins of this podcast..and the love that blossomed in the bowl..

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99 - Citrus and Citrus Accessories


Your favorite petalheads discuss the health, happiness, and higher consciousness benefits of lemon oil, Death in the Marseilles Tarot, RIP WordPad, and Amber Alerts in Tennessee.

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98 - Sandpaper Dildo


Your favorite petalheads discuss measuring glucose in saliva, pink slime, pharma, smoking, Ozempic, bad tricks with AI, happy stories, higher consciousness news, and stupid tech tricks.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 196 MB - Duration: 2:30:50m (173 kbps 48000 Hz)

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